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LCI New Zealand


The Leading Change Institute is coming to Wellington, New Zealand in 2022!

Since 2000, this prestigious Washington D.C.-based leadership institute has guided and influenced leaders at major universities and cultural institutions across the USA and in Australasia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Aimed at the next generation of senior leaders in the higher education and cultural sectors, the week-long program prepares and develops managers for the critical transition into strategic leadership roles. A critical portion of that development is the internalization of an overall university view; understanding and advocating for an interdisciplinary approach; minimizing silos and maximizing collaboration; and listening to all perspectives and focusing on the future of educational experiences.

About the Program

The theme of the 2022 New Zealand Institute will be “Higher Education: Re-Thinking Assumptions in Turbulent Times.” We will build a cohort of developing leaders who will leave the seminar with a sense that they can influence their institutions from where they are currently placed in the organizations and be ready to take on more responsible positions. We intend to explore raising the individual’s vision from the departmental to the institutional, developing skills in creative thinking and examining the assumptions that currently inform our work.

The outline of the week is as follows:

  • Day 1: Getting to Know Yourself
  • Day 2: Higher Ed 101
  • Day 3: Facilitating Culture Change 101
  • Day 4: Case Studies/Problem Solving/Team Building
  • Day 5: Wrapping It All Up

About the Deans

LCI New Zealand will be led by Joanne Kossuth and Elliott Shore, who have presided over the Washington D.C.-based Institute since 2012. Read more about them here.


We expect to open the application for participants in early 2022. To receive information and updates, including notice that the application has been opened, please sign up for the mailing list.

Questions about LCI New Zealand? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.i

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