Speakers and Curriculum


Photo: LCI speakers

Participants in the Leading Change Institute learn from and discuss current events with a wide variety of influential individuals from academia, associations and societies, grant making agencies, industry, and government. The LCI’s well-established reputation as a place where its speakers can have thoughtful, serious conversations with emerging leaders in higher education means that many of our speakers return year after year to engage with participants.

The speakers for 2020 LCI will include:

It has broadened my perspectives in areas of inclusion, user experience and the future of higher education. This will impact how I lead and interact moving forward” —Jon Allen
LCI has imparted the importance of holding true to your values and seeing how they can be intertwined with one’s role in higher education.” —Nandita Mani
The interaction of principle and strategic direction that cut through many of the talks was compelling.” —Benjamin Armintor


The agenda at the LCI reflects the deans’ and organizers’ commitment to creating an environment where mutual trust and respect encourage openness, teamwork, and personal and professional growth. The 2020 agenda below is provided for reference, and is subject to change prior to the commencement of the LCI.

  • Sunday, May 31—Getting to Know Yourself
  • Monday, June 1—Higher Ed 101
  • Tuesday, June 2—Business 101
  • Wednesday, June 3—Case Studies/Problem Solving/Team Building
  • Thursday, June 4—Bringing It All Together
  • Friday, June 5—Conclusion and Workshops